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Sasqlatch Original Bigfoot! Abominable Snowman AKA The Yeti

Sasqlatch Original Bigfoot! Abominable Snowman AKA The Yeti

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  • Premium Trailer Accessories: The Original Bigfoot, a high quality accessory for your travel trailer, is made from a high-strength nylon polymer with a 11,600 psi tensile strength. Secure your camper door in style with this fun brown Bigfoot design, perfect for all RVers, campers, and trailer owners.
  • Fun Design & Premium Quality: Add a touch of fun to your camper door with our Bigfoot-themed door catch. It's not just about looks, though. This camper door latch is made in Oregon, USA, ensuring premium quality and reliability.
  • All-Season Door Holder: This door holder to keep door open is designed for all seasons and climates. It's UV shielded and brown in color, making it resistant to weathering and fading, an essential part of your RV door accessories.
  • Secure & Convenient RV Door Latch: The Bigfoot door latch securely locks your RV door in the open position, protecting it from accidental damage. It also features an integrated bumper to prevent door slams, a perfect RV door stopper.
  • Safe & Sturdy Travel Trailer Door Latch: This Bigfoot camping accessory locks in the stowed position for safe travel at highway speeds, while the sturdy clip secures the latch. It's the ideal Bigfoot gift for those who love RV life.
  • Product Dimensions: 1.25" x 3" x 7.5"


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